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Bunded or Standard ???

OK so you have just bought your new house and need to order an oil tank or you want to upgrade the one you have. Your plumber bombards you with all the technical reasons why you should buy this and definitely not this. Now you want to do your own research and decide for yourself, well you have come to the right place because that is exactly what I did and I’m going to share it with you.

There are two main types of oil tanks used, one they call a standard or single skin tank and the other a bunded tank.

Your first job is to decide what size of a tank you need/want e.g. 650litres 1360litres or 2500litres there are lots of sizes available to suit your needs. Then whether you want to buy a standard oil tank or spend a little bit more and invest in a bunded tank.

Single Skin Tank

  • Unsuitable for installation at any agricultural, commercial, industrial and institutional installations.
  • Fitting a Single Skin Oil Tank where a Bunded Tank is legally required is a criminal offence.

They should never be installed where:

  • Within 10 metres of a river, stream, ditch, lake, canal, the sea, soak-away, septic tank, effluent treatment system, water storage.
  • The tank is within 10 metres of an open drain or manhole, or where a spill could run into an open drain or manhole.
  • The vent point is not visible from the fill point and / or an offset fill point is in use.
  • The tank is within 50 metres of a well, borehole or spring, or where a spill from the tank could reach the aforementioned.
  • The tank is positioned within 50 metres of agricultural land.
  • Any other site specific hazard exists.

Bunded Tanks

  • Bunded Tanks consist of a \’tank within a tank\’. The inner tank is the primary storage vessel, whilst the outer tank acts as a fail-safe.
  • Environmentally friendly, there will be no impact on the surrounding environment should a leak occur.
  • Suitable for domestic, industrial or commercial installation.
  • Peace of mind.

Hopefully this information will make it a little easier for you to make your decision and we are here to answer any questions you may have no matter how big or small.

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