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Top 5 reasons to buy meal bins

Today I’m going to talk to you about Meal Bins. Meal Bins you may say why are we talking about meal bins. Myself and Oisin over the next few blogs are going to talk to you about the different products that we use on our farm and couldn’t do without because they definitely make our life easier and what farmer doesn’t want that.

Easy to Use

Let’s go over a few of the main reasons we use it; portable we can move it to where we want it on the farm, beside where we feed the calves/weanlings, which means not having to load up the feed every day and take it up to the calves, so saves time and energy too. We can also take it to the local co-op and get it filled with meal, or fill it at home ourselves; it’s whatever suits you the best.


Our meal bin has two lids for ease of access and holds up to 500Kg/1000Kg. The meal bin can be moved by tractor; bale lifter and it also fits in a crew cab and fits in an 8ft 4” trailer. So it gives the owner lots of options for transport.


I’m sure you all have at some stage suffered contamination of your meal/feed whether it is from crows, mice or the worst rats. Who wants to feed their animals only for them to get sick from contaminated feed? This is why we use our meal bins because not only are the waterproof they are vermin proof too now I know you may not believe me but we ourselves have the proof at home.


It has also helped us to save money by not having to pay out on extra feed due to damage and who doesn’t like to save a few euros now and again. We get great use out of ours and definitely wouldn’t go back to having the 25kg or 40kg bags of feed in the shed as no matter how careful you are the vermin will strike.

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